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VidHostPro Review


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VidHostPro Review

Introduction To VidHostPro Review

VidHostPro is a comprehensive and powerful video hosting platform developed by internet marketers, made with the sole purpose of helping businesses excel in digital marketing.

The cutting-edge video player technology and tailored features give you everything you need to succeed as an online marketer– from customizable players, lead forms, promo ads inside videos, blazing fast download speed in all browsers to advanced analytics insights that help track user engagement.

With VidHostPro’s affordable front-end price plans including VidHostPro Personal and Commercial provide users with access to bonuses such as domain hosting one-stop solution for your website optimization needs.

Creator: Todd Gross

Release Date:2023-May-03
Release Time11:00 EDT
Front-End Price$47

Key Takeaways

  • VidHostPro is a powerful video hosting platform designed to help businesses excel in digital marketing.
  • It offers affordable front-end pricing, customizable video player settings and secure video hosting with advanced analytics tools.
  • Key features include customizable players, lead forms, promo ads inside videos, blazing fast download speeds, A/B repeat functionality and personalized playlists creator with multiple theme options.
  • Pricing plans including Basic ($47), Pro ($67) and Agency ($97) are available which offer varying levels of features based on user needs from unlimited video hosting spots to white label services for custom solutions under their own brand name.

Features And Benefits Of VidHostPro

VidHostPro offers affordable front-end pricing, customizable video player settings, advanced analytics, and secure video hosting making it an ideal choice for internet marketers.

Affordable Front-end Price

VidHostPro offers an excellent start-up price for its industry-leading video hosting and player solutions. With a one-time fee, customers can get unlimited storage and bandwidth for videos and users alike.

This is far more cost effective than other video hosting services which usually require recurring payments or extra fees for larger operations. Additionally, the platform is fully customizable and 100% mobile responsive so bloggers don’t have to worry about their viewers having difficulty accessing or viewing their content on various devices.

VidHostPro also enables marketers to control their brand image by adding custom logos into their players as well as exciting features like lead forms, autoplay videos, promo ads in video sessions, A/B repeat functionality, personalized playlists creator with multiple theme options that offer unique user engagement opportunities at no additional cost.

Customizable Video Player Settings

VidHostPro offers a range of customizable video player settings to give bloggers the opportunity to create captivating video content for their audiences. The software allows for extensive customization choices, such as selecting player skins, changing colors and shapes within the video players to match any branding preferences, adjusting controls and navigation buttons, setting up an autoplay feature so that viewers can watch videos non-stop without manual intervention , creating playlists out of multiple videos and enabling A-B repeat option.

These features are important for brands looking to build stronger customer relationships by offering unique experiences when interacting with their content through personalized user interfaces.

Advanced Video Analytics

VidHostPro is the ultimate solution for bloggers looking to gain insights on their video performance. Its advanced video analytics provide deep insights that push users closer to understanding the market, helping them optimise content and grow their business exponentially.

It also offers useful statistics comparison between different videos which gives users insight into how one piece of content is performing relative to another. This helps identify weak spots across multiple campaigns and provides a way for bloggers make more informed decisions about how they allocate budget for each strategy or tactic.

Secure Video Hosting

VidHostPro is committed to providing customers with a secure and reliable hosting solution for their videos and offers an array of top cloud services, including Akamai, AWS, and HLS technology.

Utilizing such technologies ensures that every video loads fast without any buffering or interruptions during playback.

For bloggers in particular, secure video hosting provides a number of benefits including protecting content from theft or duplication as well as guaranteeing smooth streaming experiences for viewers at all times.

Pricing And Plans Of VidHostPro

VidHostPro offers limited pricing plans and integrations with other marketing tools, including the popular Personal and Commercial front-end packages.

Basic, Pro, And Agency Plans

The Basic plan from VidHostPro costs $47, and includes 100 video hosting spots with 50 GB of storage and 250 GB bandwidth. It is designed for use by bloggers and vloggers looking to get their videos up and running quickly. This plan gives access to the standard VidHostPro features, including customizable video player settings, email marketing integrations, SEO-compatible embeds, and secure media storage with MyDrive.

The Pro plan offers additional features for a one-time fee of $67. These include unlimited video hosting spots, 500 GB of storage and 1 TB bandwidth as well as advanced analytics tools for comparing videos performance in real time. Other features include video playlists for putting multiple videos together as well as the ability to monetize videos by collecting leads or selling directly within the video.

For users looking for even more features, there’s the Agency plan for a one-time price of $97. With this plan customers get all that the Pro package offers plus the ability to use white label services to offer custom made video hosting solutions to clients under their own brand name. There are also options such as dedicated IP addresses and annual billing available with this on demand tier upgade.

When choosing an appropriate plan, users should be aware of any limitations or restrictions imposed on each product level such as storage capacity and bandwidth usage in order to make sure they are getting exactly what they need out of VidHostPro’s offerings.

Differences Between Plans

Understanding the differences between VidHostPro’s pricing plans is essential for bloggers looking to find the perfect solution for their video hosting and marketing needs. In this section, we break down the features and benefits of each plan to help you make an informed decision. Here’s a comprehensive comparison of VidHostPro’s plans in an easy-to-read table format:

VidHostPro PersonalLimited video uploadsBasic video hostingBasic analyticsAffordable option for individual bloggersSuitable for smaller-scale video hosting needs
VidHostPro CommercialUnlimited video uploadsAdvanced video hosting and marketing featuresSEO-friendly video channelsUnlimited businesses/subdomainsBest for professional bloggers and businessesEnhanced video marketing and SEO toolsGrow multiple blogs or businesses with ease
VidHostPro EnterpriseAll features in Commercial planTeam management for up to 50 membersAdvanced analytics and integrationsOptimal solution for large-scale blogs and enterprisesStreamline video production with team collaboration toolsGain deeper insights with advanced analytics

For instance, upgrading to VidHostPro’s Enterprise plan offers several benefits tailored to enhance a blogger’s video marketing strategy. With team management for up to 50 members, bloggers can streamline their video production process by assigning tasks, reviewing progress, and ensuring that deadlines are met. This feature is especially helpful for bloggers managing a team of video editors, scriptwriters, and other production staff.

Furthermore, the Enterprise plan’s advanced analytics and integrations with major autoresponders allow bloggers to gain valuable insights into viewer behavior and preferences, enabling them to craft more engaging content that resonates with their target audience. By leveraging these advanced features, bloggers can elevate their video marketing efforts and maximize their return on investment.

Pros and Cons of VidHostPro


  • Affordable pricing: VidHostPro offers competitive pricing plans, including a one-time fee option, which can be more cost-effective compared to other video hosting services that require recurring payments.
  • Customizable video player settings: The platform allows for extensive customization options, such as player skins, colors, shapes, controls, and more, to match any branding preferences and enhance user engagement.
  • Advanced video analytics: VidHostPro provides in-depth analytics and insights that enable users to optimize their video content and grow their businesses.


  • Limited integrations: VidHostPro’s limited integrations with other marketing tools may make it less appealing for users who require seamless integration with their existing marketing software stack.
  • Storage and bandwidth limitations: Some pricing plans come with storage and bandwidth limitations, which may not be suitable for users with extensive video hosting needs.
  • Learning curve: With numerous features and customization options, users may face a learning curve when getting started with VidHostPro, especially if they are new to video hosting and marketing.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts On VidHostPro Review💭

VidHostPro is a comprehensive video hosting tool for any marketer who wants to make the most of their videos and engage an audience. Thanks to its advanced analytics, customizable player settings, secure hosting, and affordable pricing plans – VidHostPro provides everything that marketers need from one platform.

With features like playlists and A-B repeatability for viewers, autoplay across all browsers, complete control over traffic with no ads or recommendation engines for customers to worry about – it’s easy to create impactful marketing campaigns with VidHost Pro.


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